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  Switchdata Technologies Inc. now offers custom programming in all main stream programming languages and platforms.

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  Switchdata Technologies Inc. specializes in custom solutions for our customers.  Much of these solutions are already provided by our PMI (Performance Monitor Interface).

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  Neocom LLC, a voicemail service provider has chosen Switchdata Technologies as their choice for internet services.

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Switchdata Technologies Inc. provides system administrative services and stream lined custom solutions to businesses world wide.  Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:

Complete Hosting:
  • Web
  • E-mail
  • E-commerce

System Administration for:

  • Linux / HP-UX / SUN / AIX / Windows
  • Our own Linux distribution with automatic patches and updates
  • NOC center with 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems and networks
  • Custom Programming in all main stream languages and applications including:
Perl,ASP,.NET,C,C++,PHP, etc.
  • Highly customized Telecommunications hardware and software for the Wireless Industry.

Some of the companies we do or have done work for include IBM, Cellular One, Verizon Wireless, Verisign, US Cellular.

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